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Aerial Lift Services

Ottawa Tree Surgeons & Consultants Inc. is pleased to offer an option of completing your project of shaping, tree pruning or removing trees on your property in Ottawa by means of an Aerial Lift Truck.

OTS Aerial Lift Services

Sometimes called a Boom Truck or Cherry Picker this is a practical and efficient way of completing the task at hand with ease and safety in mind. The Unit or Truck, which has an elevating ‘ARM’ is limited to front yard and side yard trees due to its length of reach.

The project may be completed faster than if the tree is climbed, therefore getting the job done MAY cost less. The device is also used for emergency purposes and hazardous tree removals. When it is too dangerous for one of our Arborists to climb the tree, or a tree is in a tight location, our 55 foot Aerial Lift Truck MAY be used to complete the job safely and efficiently.

Some disadvantages of the unit is that it is heavy and new driveways that are less than one year old should be avoided. Power lines and other overhead obstructions must be kept in mind as well when considering using the Aerial Lift Unit.

OTS Aerial Lift Services

CALL US TODAY (613) 291-3311 or (613) 834-3922 and let one of our I.S.A. Certified Arborists in Ottawa visit your property to give you a FREE quotation for your project and determine if the Aerial Lift Truck can be used on your property.

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