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Cabling and Bracing Ottawa Tree Supports

Cabling and bracing trees is the process of adding hardware to a tree's structure to make it safer or prolong it's life.

As some trees grow, they develop weak or 'V' crotches where two limbs or stems connect together which is an unsafe union and a candidate for artificial support. If a large branch is over a structure, such as a building, house, a well traveled pedestrian path or a road, these are good examples to consider cabling and bracing. The hardware that is involved with the process comprises of screw lag hooks, metal threaded rods called through bolts and high strength cable. In combination they can improve the overall safety and aesthetic value of a tree.

Leave it up to the professional Arborist to do the job right.

Not all trees that are in a state of decline are candidates for cabling and bracing. Many factors are involved in the decision to add hardware to a tree or to remove it completely. The process is like a crutch, it will extend the life of the tree and should not be relied upon to solve any major problems such as decay or old age. It does not guarantee to eliminate any serious structural problems, only to improve the structure of a tree. A professional I.S.A. Certified Arborist should be able to confirm if your tree requires the process from examining it from the ground, but climbing it may be necessary to make a close up inspection. This procedure is recommended for heritage or rare species trees, but can be done on any tree.

Advantages of Cabling & Bracing

Reduces the risk of potential tree failure. Heavy limbs that are overhanging targets are secured. Weak V shaped limbs and stems are made safer. Provides support to weak or injured trees. Extends the life and aesthetic value of the tree.

Hardware Used in Cabling & Bracing

Ottawa Arborists - Cabling and Bracing Thimble used for splicing of wire rope.

Ottawa Arborists - Cabling and Bracing Lag hooks for fastening the cable to the tree

Ottawa Arborists - Cabling and Bracing Threaded rods (through bolts)

Ottawa Arborists - Cabling and Bracing Proper installation of a lag hook and a through bolt.

Wire Rope Splicing

Ottawa Arborists - Cabling and Bracing Wire rope splicing to a thimble to maximize strength and minimize wear to the cable. The steps from A to D show the process to create a finished end, ready to be fastened to either a lag hook or through bolt.

Bracing Weak Crotches

Ottawa Arborists - Cabling and Bracing Cable attachment from one stem to another with lag hooks and through bolts.

Ottawa Arborists - Cabling and Bracing Cable attachment from one stem to another with lag hooks and through bolts.

Bracing Process

Metal threaded rods called braces are placed strategically at the weak or 'V' crotch to help (back-up) the cabling process in the upper canopy of the two weak stems. Certain guidelines must be followed for placement of the rods. If placed through the tree incorrectly, the results may be detrimental rather than beneficial.

Healing Progress for Bracing Process

Cabling Process

Healing Progress for Cabling Process