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Ottawa Hedge Trimming, Shaping and Pruning

Ottawa Arborists - Shaping and Trimming HedgesProper care and hedge maintenance is the key to achieve a healthy and aesthetically pleasing looking hedge in Ottawa.Ottawa Arborists - Shaping and Trimming Hedges

Hedge Shearing & Maintainance - Proper Care For Your Hedges

Appropriate watering and fertilization with a professional trim will keep your investment looking great.

The benefits of a hedge maintainance are endless; from privacy to sound barriers, not forgetting they are great substitutes for a fence.

Trimming or shearing of hedges too much foliage off at once can be damaging in the long run, leave it to the Ottawa tree specialist!

Most hedges can be manicured to any shape but some guidelines should be followed.

Hedge Trimming or shearing in Ottawa should be done only at certain times of the year, never during frost seasons.

A hedge should be trimmed at least once a year. Some require a trim two to three times depending on the growth rate of hedges in Ottawa.

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