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Tree Stump Grinding & Chipping Services Ottawa

Ottawa Arborists - Stump RemovalIn addition to our tree removal services, tree stump grinding in Ottawa should also be done when a tree is cut down. Ottawa Tree Surgeons & Consultant's pros have the proper equipment to remove the tree stump from your property in Ottawa region.

Tree Stump Grinding Experts for Tree Maintainance

Once the process of a tree has been removed, a stump above ground is left. OTS has a machine specially designed for this type of project called a Stump Grinder. The process is also known as Stump Chipping. It is a machine similar to a chainsaw but has been adapted to enter the soil and deal with other objects found in the ground such as rocks and debris. The purpose of Tree Stump Grinding is to rid the rest of the stump above ground and below, and to eliminate the eye sore on the lawn or property area in Ottawa.

Our stump grinding technician in Ottawa will not just relieve you of the stump in question, but clean up the debris for a clean and tidy work area. The only thing left for the client to do is plant grass seed over the finished area or sod may also be an option. Once the entire process is completed, one would never know that a tree was ever present.

Our machine is 34.5 inches wide and fits through most backyard gates. It is the size of a large lawn tractor and weighs approximately 1,100 pounds, so there is no damage done to the lawn or other areas of the property. The process usually goes to a depth of 8 to 10 inches and also takes care of flaring roots above ground and dirt humps created by the process of tree growth in dense soils.

If you have a stump on your Ottawa property that needs to be taken care of call Ottawa Tree Surgeons and we will set up an appointment for an estimate to take care of the tree stump grinding on your property in Ottawa.

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