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Ottawa Tree & Shrub Pruning

Ottawa Arborists - Tree pruningTree pruning is done when the tree is still young to make strategic cuts in order to get the tree to grow in the direction and fashion that you want it to. It is important to make sure your tree is pruned early in its development. Call us today to have your tree pruned and looking great by our I.S.A. Certified Arborist in Ottawa. Out of all the Arboriculture practices performed today, pruning ranks the most common one of all. The future of a tree is determined by how well it was taken care of from an early age. When a tree is badly pruned or manipulated unnaturally, it may cause serious unnecessary stress on the plant, sometimes even resulting in death. Choosing a Certified Arborist to work on the trees is the first step in the correct direction of maintaining the trees for a long and healthy life. Tree pruning is a dangerous practice and should only be completed by professionals that have been trained in the field. The common feeling about owning a chainsaw and hacking off a couple of limbs by a neighbor is no longer an acceptable practice. Let the experts do the job they are experienced to do, safely and properly. ALWAYS INSIST ON A CERTIFIED ARBORIST.

Professional Tree Pruning Services

After a professional is chosen, the Arborist will then recommend a variety of pruning practices to be performed on the tree. Some pruning is orientated towards SAFETY, while other types of pruning have the goal to allow for BETTER AIRFLOW throughout the canopy, or MORE LIGHT AVAILABILITY on the clients property. Other types of pruning include CLEARANCE from houses, or other structures, RAISING lower branches for pedestrian or vehicle traffic and crown SHAPING.

One old practice that was quite common in the past was Topping, today it is called CROWN REDUCTION, it is still sometimes requested but an Arborist will explain the negative effects this improper pruning practice has on the overall and long term health of the tree.

For what ever reason or what type of pruning is recommended or chosen, the main goal in pruning should be orientated towards preserving the health of the tree. A professional Certified Arborist will educate the client and explain in detail, whether it be written, or verbal what their intentions will be for the specific tree.

A common request from a client is usually "take off as much as you can"; feeling that they will get their money's worth if more is taken out of the tree. This is false, and only a certain percentage of a trees crown may be removed at once, without jeopardizing the health. The most common amount to be taken out is usually five to ten percent; never more than twenty five percent should be taken out, if proper maintenance is being followed and this would be under specific circumstances.


Crown Cleaning

The removal of dead, dying, diseased and crossing branches.

Crown Thinning

The pruning of branches to allow for better airflow throughout the crown, or more sunlight penetration to the client's property.

Crown Reduction

Reducing the height of a tree, usually to compensate for above service wires.

Crown Raising

The practice of pruning lower branches to an acceptable height to provide clearance for pedestrians or vehicle traffic.

What ever practice is performed on trees, it should only be completed by a professional Arborist with a predetermined goal of properly maintaining the tree.

All pruning should be done without climbing apparatuses like SPIKES or SPURS. These pieces of equipment are frowned upon by professionals and should only be used in tree removals.

Prune Trees for Safety Reasons

Most trees in the urban environment will do well and have a healthy life adding aesthetic value to the property. However routine maintenance is a must to ensure the safety of the homeowner and neighbours nearby.

Tree Pruning