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Ottawa Arborists - Tree RemovalOttawa Tree Surgeons & Consultants Inc. is an expert tree trimming and tree service company that provides services in the Ottawa area. We have trained I.S.A. Certified Arborists that can handle all your tree care needs whether they be tree trimming, pruning, or even tree stump grinding.

How do I know if a tree needs to be removed?

Unfortunately, from time to time a tree within the Ottawa city surroundings must be removed. Sometimes a tree removal in Ottawa is quite visually apparent and the client is notified by a concerned pedestrian or a cautious neighbour. Other times a tree will look visually safe and healthy however symptoms and signs that only a Certified Arborist can spot determines the end fate of a tree that should be removed. The most common indicator that a tree has to be cut down is the appearance. A dead tree obviously with no green leaves, or needles on the branches show a homeowner that the tree should be looked at by a professional. BE CAREFUL! Some trees naturally do not have foliage, when thought that they should!

Ottawa Arborists - Tree RemovalFor example one person might think the Evergreen tree in their backyard has died and an Arborist from OTS determines that it is an Eastern Larch tree Larix laricina, and in fact is one type of conifer that does lose its needles in the fall like a leaf tree does. Another example of an odd situation is a tree that has leaves, that would normally be shed in the winter time, like most leaf trees do keep it's leaves after Autumn has passed, it concerns a client and OTS determines it is a Arbutus tree Arbutus menziesii and this is a normality, the Arbutus tree is classified as an Evergreen tree, they inform the client of the situation, and the tree is spared.

Only professional Certified Arborists should determine whether a tree in Ottawa should be removed or not. ALWAYS INSIST ON A CERTIFIED ARBORIST! Other situations that arise within the city are construction and excavation. For example a new house is being built and a tree removal must be needed because it is in the area where the house will be situated; another reason that a tree may have to be cut down is root damage caused by excavation or soil grade changes. It does not take long to notice a severe decline in health and even death within months after these projects have been completed. Inadequate maintenance, poor drainage, soil compaction, under nourished and lack of water are other candidates that contribute to the demise of a tree thus will have to be removed. Often our Ottawa city trees are neglected because of ignorance of what a tree does need to survive and it can easily be avoided if some time, thought and care is put into the living tree before it is too late.

Ottawa Arborists - Tree Removal Ottawa Local Tree Removal Company

For whatever reason that a tree must be removed or replaced, Ottawa Tree Surgeons is fully equipped for large, small, dangerous and/or hazardous trees. One of our Certified Arborists in Ottawa will tackle the project with care and ease ensuring the job is done correctly and safely respecting yours and your neighbour's property and surroundings.

If you have a tree that you're not sure about give our office a call and a Certified Arborist will inspect the tree in question and will provide you with written recommendations and options to take on the project.

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